Everything iS tiEd and well Tied

Video loop 15 ', mixed media in plaster, plastic, wood, threads.


Haciendo contexto III Exhibition:

Hiper-society and the quipus as a metaphor.

Proyecto AMIL, Lima Peru.


Through a video documentation, different people were invited to talk about their traumatic memories associated with a recurrent physical pain, while making -at the same time- a plaster cast of the chosen part of their bodies. Finally different abstracts objects were made with the produced casts.

'The Quipu' is a system of codes by using threads and nots to help the memory, and was used in pre-Columbian societies of Peru, the Incas. After the extinction of those communities by the Colony, the Quipu remains uninterpreted. 

My interest was to investigate the function of the human body as a system of encoding and decoding memories or information. Every part of our body is impregnated with a memory or trauma, that can be seen as a knot in the Quipu. The traumatic situation of a country has tendency to be hidden too. As Franco says before dying: 'Everything is tied and well tied'.

Our thinking process tends to cover the facts, trying to forget or tie it in the past. But our body still remember the fact by physical sensations and pains. Each person was invited to share those memories while working on the physical pain from different parts of their bodies. Maybe these knots may be unleashed through the expression of these memories.


Video doc: