Everything is tied and well tied

Video loop 15 'and mixed media in plaster, plastic, wood, threads.


The Quipu is a system of codes by the use of threads to help the memory, and was used by pre-Columbian societies of Peru. After the extinction of those communities, the Quipu remains uninterpreted.

My interest is to investigate the function of the human body as a system of encoding and decoding memories.

Every part of our body is impregnated with a memory or trauma from the past, that can be seen as a knot in the Quipu. The traumatic situation of a country has also accredit itself.  

As Franco says before dying: 'Everything is tied and well tied'. Our thinking also tends to cover the fact and forget it, tie it in the past. But our body mows remembering the fact by physical sensations and pains.

Each person has physical pains in different part of the body. These knots may be unleashed through the expression of these memories.

Therefore, a difficult or traumatic memory that our mind has tried to forget is associated it with a specific part of the body where there is a recurrent pain.

Through a video documentation the person will tell his story about his memory, at the same time it will be making a plaster cast of the specific part of the body. Finally with the plaster cast an abstract object is constructed.

This process is done repeatedly with different people, their stories and part of the body associated.


Video stills: