"Shadows"  Video art 00 '58''
You can see people going early to office work, shows the system routine work and turned the camerafocuses. So may be mix of shadows as if they were real bodies.

"Consciousness-Acts Acts-Consciousness"
Stop-Motion 00 '59''
Awareness and events succeed each other. This shows to what extent agree or disagree with what conscience dictates and actions reflect.

"Body Chances" Video performance 02’ 23’’
The sonic possibilities are added to a mix of sounds that emerge from the human body match. These sounds are created by composing a musical abstract.

"Entities-Mosquitous"  Video Art 01 '38''
The small figures such as flying insects are appearing at random with music. The relations of bodies, space and distance between them, the group and couples are the sample form of this work. The un- subjectivizing of the relationship between human beings.

"Cello elevator" - Dual Screen Video. 02 '00''
The reflection of who we are is reflected in each of the people around us in the form of infinite mirror. The sound of a cello made improvised harmony with image of the elevator.

"Resistance"   Video performance-sound effect 2 '48''
Subject and object are related by showing the distance sounds of resistance. The sound comes from a copper coil connected to a wireless microphone for the video camera.

"Green part"   Video Performance 2 '22''
The character is mixed into the green nature making repeated jumps, uninterrupted, resembling the fall of autumn leaves.

"Blue Shower"  Video Art 3 '45''
As a shower of color, abstract shapes are formed of a moving painting. After a while you begin to discover the nature of the work in a toilet.

"Motzart happy"
audio Visual 3 '31''
The camera is located behind the person, but from different angles.
There are three short shots edited repeatedly in coherence with the music of Motzart.

audio Visual 2 '00''
Bodies of different colors are related by sounds and are sliding on the screen. The sound was created by capturing birds, ambient music and midi.

"I am" Video Performance 01 '00''
After exposing students Rietveld hypnosis videos, the question is asked each class member "who you are." They respond different statements about the role, then reads the character as himrself saying all the answers.

"Mosquitoes" audio Visual 02 '00''
Both screens can be seen that human relationships are like mosquitoes. The capture took place in public space and can be a person insisting her boyfriend constantly that you take a picture jumping.

"Parties" 01 '00'' Video
The influence of the capitalist system on political parties. You can see a couple dancing cumbia with a series of repeated cuts of the word "party" in sarcasm with political parties. Pigs background alluding to the capitalist system.

"Yes-No"  Performance
Video registration    01 '00''
Man and woman looking in the eyes and saying "yes" or "no" when touched a foot or  the other, thus creating a  sequence of sounds with the words "yes" and "no" one-way random game return.