There is a personal motivation and social interest for my art work, and it’s coming after being part of the transition between the life in my origin country -Argentina- and what I can experience at this moment living in Europe. My parents belong, let's say, to the “old generation” and I grew up with military dictatorships until my six years old. The linage of my family is part of the emigration from Italy and Spain to South America with the colonies. When I was a kid, in the context of dictators, the personal life was something close, with many fears, hidden things and lack of social interaction; specially for me, the bad communication with my parents. Nowadays, in contrast, I am living the future of those days, as an immigrant in Europe from South America, the opposite way of my family linage. Now I can live the phenomena of Social Networks and the disclosure process often seen in this “new generation”, which is using the Internet as a kind of “exhibition” and open up their personal life even to a public space. At this moment the communication with my family, even at the distant, is via Social Network and more fluent than before.

My work is autonomous and with moving image direction in Fine Art. I graduated at Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam audiovisual department. I like the dynamic, the movement and the cinematic, making objects that I need, film & montage, photography and sound. After some exhibitions and projects I developed experience in moving image idea, story telling, context and research, performance, concept, production and post-production. My visual language is characterized by been fresh and spontaneous, with the emphasis on those details that arouse curiosity, touching the limits between fiction and reality in depth. I like to explore boundaries between what is personal and social, private and public. My actual subject is about the influences of the identity within socio-cultural contrasts, the constant adaptations and displacement of identity after phenomena of massive emigration and the influences of social networks in the globalized world of nowadays.