Artist Statement


Art as a form of knowledge made room for the nomadic way of thinking in which different disciplines dialogue with each other, heedless of borders. That’s why Art for me, precedes theory, cultures, territories and it can always be reinvented in the present moment. Within my artistic practice I have the interest in Social Art engagement. I see the possibility to make Art as an activator of questions and political tool, creator of awareness and social change. I see art as an instrument to make our life different. I used to implement my ideas using autoethnographic methodology, that is to say, my personal experience as starting point and within the context I am living on each moment of my life. The main methodology of my work is based on a constant experimentation and research through a kind of conceptual 'laboratory'. On this Lab, the possibilities of the appearance of new knowledge are random and left to chance. Not knowing the final outcome of the experimentation, my fascination and  interests will lead to find new artistic explorations with an open mind to discovery and action. As means of expression I use: Research Art and Discursive Exhibitions, Participative Performance, Technological and Interactive Installations, Mobile or Functional Objects, Video-art, Music or On-site Interventions in public spaces.