My work involves different means of abstraction for the theme-concept chosen, including video, sound, performance, sculptural objects, interactivity and photography.

I am approaching socio-political issues by raising the problematic of meeting cultural differences in a post-globalized world.

I lived a big part of my life in a country that suffers the consequences of colonialism, political corruption, dictatorship, devastation of natural resources, exploitation of human labor and discrimination toward Indigenous cultures. Therefore, art is for me a form of expression that has allowed me to get rid of these frustrations and has led me reveal them to the public.

It is present in my work the role of the memory, history, emigration, ideology and personal experiences, which provides me the best insights of my praxis. I use auto-ethnography, parallelism and metaphor as main methodologies of my research.

I am investigating -from the perspective of the Global South- ideas related to post-colonialism, national identity and social injustices by reflecting on them within the Global North and Western societies.