Artist Statement


The actual focus of my artwork is related to 'working-class', the system of labor in capitalist societies and abuse of the workforce in post-colonial societies. With a starting point in my personal experience of displacement from South America to Europe, I am trying to critically engage those realities as a 'social emergency'. The main methodology of my work responds to questions regarding ‘otherness’ and what meant to be the 'other' in Western cultures. 

From a personal perspective becomes a social interest of my work, which involves questions about the life of marginal societies or 'peripheric cultures' within the Western European center.

 -What is necessary to do in order to change fix mentalities about modernism and progress?

-What are the consequences of neglecting the non-Western cultures?

-How to decolonize mentalities trough art?

-How the colonized subject can be liberated from capitalist exploitation?

I am working on these topics trough the use of multimedia installations, public actions, performances, self-made objects, photo, films and any other kind of media that can represent better this fictionalise reality.