My interest for research and source of new body of work it is focus on a world characterized by intensified globalization, migration, post-colonialism and new social medias, with the subsequent phenomena of hybrid identities that can arise in people who live in several cultures.

There is a personal motivation and social interest for my art work, which is infuenced by the transition from my origin country -Argentina- to Europe. My parents belong to a generation of 'fear', in addition that I have lived during the military dictatorship until I have turned six years old. There was a lack of social interaction and hidden information never revealed openly. I lived a big part of my life in a country that sufered the consequences of colonialism, political corruption, dictatorship, devastation of natural resources, exploitation of human labor and discrimination of native american cultures, with the subsequent displacement of original cultural identities. Without any possibility to change the situation from a practical point of view, I was forced to make my dreams come true and I decided to move to Europe and reconnect with my roots with art. Therefore, art is a form of expression that allowed me to get rid of my frustrations and led me reveal myself to the public. Due to the fact that I have lived in Europe for some years, the place of communication among my family and friends has shifed to a virtual place. In this new life experience I faced my identity and feelings again but still something was missing. At this point I am interested in understanding another way for socializing.

I graduated from VAV -moving image- department in contemporary arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Studying at this academy has thought me to create an autonomous work. The medias of my work involves self-made objects, performance, flm and montage, photography and sound. I am fascinated in exploring the boundaries between personal and social, private and public while dealing with reality that could turn into fiction. Another important part of my learning process was the fact that I have also participated in international exhibitions and festivals which brought me a diferent experience, thought me to create ideas, and gave me a better understanding about story telling, context and research, concept and production within the arts.

The working process normally begins with a personal experience or story that is later followed by an investigation while researching and gaining knowledge from literature and cinema. Experimenting is a key element in the process, following my intuition and listening to the work itself . The aesthetics of my work is infuenced by cinema, photography, poetry and narrative story telling, putting the focus in images that evoke curiosity and a question mark.

My subject is based on the infuence of identities within socio-cultural disagreement, the constant social re-adaptations and the clash of culture induced by what I recently called: Displacement of identity and new ways of socialization.