Rodrigo N. Albornoz -Visual Artist-

Artist Statement



I see art as an activator of questions and political tool, creator of awareness and social change. The interest of my work involves questions about the life of marginal societies, indigenous communities, backyard cultures or peripheries to Western European culture. Based on my personal experience of displacement from the South America to Europe, I critically engage those realities as a 'social emergency' and 'de-colonial' options. The main methodology of my work responds to questions regarding ‘otherness’ and what meant to be the Other in Western cultures. 


Some of my general questions are:

-What is necessary to do in order to change fix mentalities about modernism and progress?

-What are the consequences of neglecting the knowledge of non-Western cultures?

-How to decolonize Modern and Post-modern societies trough art?

-How the colonised subject can be liberated from capitalist exploitation?


I am working on these topics involving different kind of media, from tridimensional installations, video performance, photography and video art or essay, interventions, happenings, situations and interactions.