I lived a big part of my life in a country that suffers the consequences of colonialism, political corruption, dictatorship, devastation of natural resources, exploitation of human labor and discrimination toward Native American cultures, with the subsequent displacement of original cultural identities.


Therefore, art is for me a form of expression that has allowed me to get rid of these frustrations and has led me reveal them to the public. My subject is based on the influence of identities within socio-cultural disagreement, the constant social re-adaptations and the clash of cultures induced by what I called: Displacement of identity and new forms of socialization.


It is present in my work the role of the memory, history, emigration, ideology and personal experiences, which provides me the insights of my praxis. I use autoethnography as methodology of my research.


I am investigating -from the perspective of the global South- ideas related to Post-colonialism, national identity and social injustices by reflecting on them within the global North.

It is also present in my work as a second layer, the false memory of the past and the fictionalization of the history trough education. The role of history, migration, ideology and personal memories.


My subject of interest involves questions of human condition in a backward culture. The powerful silent machine and invisible line trace between North and South. My research starts from the Colonialism until the present moment, trying to uncover the false trace of the history that consider a New World within an already existed Old World. The strategies the colonial countries used it to blind the society by a reconstruction of a new national identity.


I use different kind of media -time base material- including sound, video, performance, sculptural objects and archives, combining them in various installations.


I explore and experiment with the means of movement, transition, displacement, change, impermanent and invisible. With emphasis on those details that provoke curiosity while touching the boundaries between reality and fiction.