I can see art  as a healer, activator of questions or creator of awareness . The social interest of my work involves questions about the life of marginal societies or 'background cultures'. What is necessary to do in order to change fix mentalities about modernism and progress?. What are the consequences of the process for the neglecting cultures in a Post-modern world?.

In a constant effort to avoid social patterns of my Western behaviour, I ask to myself what is the best story I can tell. I have tried to express or represent some realities that have marked the post-colonial situation in Latin America and Europe over the last years, with starting point in my personal experience of Displacement.

At the present moment, the informal labor, criminality and corruption are very 'common' conditions as well is the

misery of many people in my country, especially for those located in the slums near by big cities, like Bs As for

example. On another hand, is my interest on the displacement of Indigenous cultures in South America -its languages, values, traditions and cosmologies- by the colonies.

After my emigration I have experienced the condition of 'otherness' in Europe as it is the alterity of indigenous communities in South America.

Therefore, the main methodology of my work, reflects upon my personal experience of displacement

in relation to the cultural displacement of the autochthonous communities taking the concept of

'otherness' from the Global South theory perspective.

With my art, my purpose is to create tension trough a catharsis of my frustrations. In my last projects one of

my purposes was to reveal those 'fake stories' used by the European acculturation of South America. I called

those fake stories 'strategies', as they were used for the reconstruction of a new National Identity.

Currently, I am researching on the relationship between three main aspects: the colonial strategies of domination, my personal experience of migration, and the unfair life conditions of marginal societies.