In recent years I have been working on topics related to Post-colonialism in South America, as well as the conditions of immigrants in Europe. The main interest of my work involves questions about my roots and personal stories of migration. This situation has been the engine of my art over the last ten years. Through my installations, I have tried to express or represent some certain facts, that have marked the post-colonial situation in South America and Europe.

My last projects and research are reflecting upon my personal experiences at work in relation to the unfair conditions of labor in autochthonous communities in South America. I am investigating the concept of 'otherness' taken from Post-colonial theories. My artistic methodology include self-reflection, parallelism and metaphor. 

I work with Installations that convine self made objects, electronics, sounds and video, performance and sculptures.

I am broaden my concepts relating three main aspects: the colonial strategies of domination in South America, my personal work experience as immigrant in Europe, and finally the unfair working conditions in Western marginal societies. Intercepting these topics with post-ontology, new technologies and ‘globalization’.