Purification Lab

Multimedia Art Installation

Solo Exhibition 2019

Gallery Konstfack, Tellusgången 16,

Stockholm Sweden


This work represents a Cocaine Laboratory in the Amazon rainforest through a series of functional sculptures that represent each stage of the production process of this substance. The name of the sculptures is: The Filter, The Press, The Balance, The Furnace, etc. Also the lights and the floor are set to provide the public directly inside one of these laboratories.

"We are all the indigenous peoples of the Amazon working with drugs," said a native of the Amazon, after having spoken with him. Due to lack of work and misery, they have no other opportunities than to work with drugs for the cartels in the area and as a contemporary form of slavery.

I have also written an Essay of this work, where I deal with the subject of Post-colonialism in Latin America, the syncretistic art movements and the decolonizing critique of the South American continent, using the process of production of narcotic substances as a methodology.


Download Research here:

Essay Purification Research
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