Installation of machines, performance video loop, photo's slide & toilet's posters

Solo Exhibition

Tellusgången 16,

Stockholm Sweden


The slavery and exploitation of illegal labor are the common working conditions for poor people in South America, especially located in jungles and slums. The System of production and distribution is marginal to Capitalism but works using the same tools.


The Original culture in South America has been displaced by the Western European culture, and the values and traditions of the natives have begun to disappear. In another words, the Native American culture is in South America today, foreign to the Western culture in its own territory.


I am using my body as an object of production for  'Western Alternative Capitalism'. Submitting my body to physical work made me understand even more the purpose of this piece. Hurt in my back, cuts in my body, burn in my hands and damage in my eyes by welding.


Therefore, the reflection of my personal experience with the working conditions of the Natives in South America is the motivation of my art for this project, and this is the relationship I have made between the colonial, the native, the southern and my own situation in the north, the colony, the Western culture.


The different tridimensional objects made in metal, plastic, plaster, and another found materials, are based in the concept of steps of production of cocaine as an exploitation of illegal work-force in South America.


I also have chosen my body and certain pieces from different countries of South America, to wrap and pack them in wrapping plastic, as a final product ready for consume in the Western society. This action represents for me, the appropriation of culture and identity by the European system during the colonies. ‘The product is packaged, exported and commercialised to the 'West’.