Installation: metal machines, found objects, performance, video loop, photo's slide & toilet's posters

Solo Exhibition

Tellusgången 16,

Stockholm Sweden

The slavery and exploitation of illegal labor are the common working conditions for many people in South America, especially for those located in the jungles and slums. The Indigenous culture, its languages, values, and traditions have begun to disappear and been displaced by the Western culture. Here in Europe on the other hand, I feel 'alien' to the territory of my ancestors, due to the fact that my family comes from European immigrants in Argentina, the place where I was born. I have experienced the condition of 'Otherness', similar to the exploitation of indigenous people working with drugs in South America. Therefore, the reflection of my personal experience with the unfair conditions of labor in autochthonous communities, is the motivation of my work of art in this project. Each of the 'machines' is functional, ready to be activated according to the different steps of the cooking process.

My aim is to analyze the concept of 'Otherness' by researching the current situation in South America. I have chosen to focus on the illegal production of narcotics, as it is a great example of one of the main consequences of the colonial process of our time. Beyond the differences in class and social classification, people living in slums are working in these illegal conditions: illegal housing, illegal healthcare and without access to proper education. According to postcolonial theories, this is a clear and typical definition of the 'Other'.