Installation: metal machines, found objects, performance, video loop, photo's slide & toilet's posters


Konstfack MFA Solo Exhibition 

Tellusgången 16,

Stockholm Sweden


The informal labor is a common working condition in South America. The lack of work, poverty and political corruption promoted more and more this kind of emergency. My work is based on the different stages of narcotic's production, best called 'mobile labs' of the Amazon jungle. 

The first stage of this process is to weigh and measure the ingredients, followed by a mixture of substances and chemicals. Once mixed, it proceeds to three stages of filtering and purification. Then, it is subjected to a press for semi-solid consistency and introduced into the oven to reach the compact state. The final product is valuable as "Gold". The alchemical process begins with cheap material, leaves, gasoline, cement, and above all, with a low paid job. The process of production involves traditional spiritual knowledge -of indigenous communities- together with their force of labor. The product is finally packaged and commercialized to the Western centers for consuming. Working under illegal conditions was my experience of 'being the Other' in Western European countries. I could see and experience with the physicality of my body, this kind of abuse of workforce, which can exist as a normal and accepted condition in capitalistic societies. Being myself part of this kind of companies -that do not fulfil their legal promises in relation to worker's rights- was the best way for me to deepen my research on ‘abuse of labor’.

It is at this point, that I highlight the vision of power abuse by the capitalist system and its fake promises. The installation is inviting the public to take the uncomfortable position of those workers, those who do not have a better option in life.