The Swedish Paradise

Youtube Screening video 38'

Edward Lynx

'Integration' Exhibition

Company's Art Gallery

Stockholm Center


The name of the piece 'The Swedish Paradise' alludes to the problematic of integration in Sweden in the last 5 years.

For a country with good standard of quality life: What happens after the doors were open to refugees?. Sweden is confronting now a problematic, due to different kind of criminalities denounced by people against immigrants. Last elections right parties got a lot of acceptance by the population. Are the immigrants the problem of the country now?

Is Sweden changing towards right win politics? Are some of the questions of the video. This video is also not taken any specific point of view, but rather express different point of views of people in Sweden, who are posting those videos in Youtube. The work is a screen video recording of the Youtube page, wile connecting the videos in real time. The navigation is done by the use of Hyperlinks suggested by the webpage.