Selk'nam 2045

Video full hd 8'55''


Script, camera, direction, montage and performance :

Rodrigo N Albornoz


Special character:

Lucia Flores



Body paint, paper, black and white studio background, fake snow, plastic bag, ice cubes, plastic pail, light.



Lola Kiepja


Archival images:

Photo's by Martin Gusinde

Documentary by Anne Chapman and Ana Montes


The topic for this work and research deals with indigenous displacement in South America after the colonies and the future consequences. I did this work turning around past and future, playing with primitive culture and civilized man. It is the relevant aspect the body painting and rituals, as well the contrasts between primitive cultures, civilization and technology. All the phenomena of nature are replace it by an artificial way of obsolete technology and polluted elements -electronics, plastic, bottles, fake snow- building up the landscape. In the story, an expedition for food take place, and making holes in the ice for fishing, an indian of the future found a white man of the past frozen. He has the characteristics of being blond with long hair and beard. When the Selk'nam put the white man out of the frozen water, he is surprised by the characteristics of this human, but above all, by the objects that the man brings with him: an smart phone and sunglasses.