Permanent Observer

Installation for Oude Kerk Amsterdam


The idea of God as permanent observer was always used by the religions as a way of control. In our days we had been control it by internet and technology, so is possible to know by the simple fact of use smart-phone and GPS where is the exactly location of the people, even more, what they are doing via the social networks. The proximity in the distant that Internet brings and the "Observer God" taking the position of "Google Hearth" satellite camera looking from above the church.

The system was build it up by two white pedestals, in one of them there is a surveillance wireless camera -below a plastic dome- which shot a picture in movement of the church in the Google maps. At 10mts. distance there is another pedestal with a TV screen showing -via wireless- what the little camera takes. Therefore is possible to see and image -between 2D and 3D- of the Old Church of Amsterdam from the sky as a moving image on the TV screen.