Dance in the Volcano

Interactive Sound Installation


Festival of performance art and intermedia

Wunder Der Prärie

Manheim Germany



This work was inspired by the crisis of emigration and successive displacements of identities to Europe over the last years. This project is a way to see the situation as a positive statement, where always still the possibility to have fun with each other as an universal and peaceful way of communication between different cultures. The piece consists of an interactive space where the public can freely access to dance, but with the difference that will be not music, except only when people move. The movement of its participants activate the system of motion sensors kit distributed and installed all around the place as a 'matrix' where each sensor is connected to specific sequence of electronic and analog sounds. Therefore the particular expression of each dancer -and together with the rest of the group-  trigger the sounds creating, all together, a random piece of electronic music. 

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