Award winning work at the BIT International Biennial

of Art, Science and Technology.

For the 3rd Edition: 'Transmuted Worlds'

Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Nowadays, due to Covid19, people have had to confine themselves to their homes y limiting themselves to interact just via Internet with their friends and loved ones. We are tending towards a virtual and digital world; where personal contact will be reduced to the bare minimum possible and where our social interactions will be through ‘Alter-egos’ or ‘Virtual Avatar’ in the Web. For this work , each person was invited in the first instance, to perform a scan of their upper part of their bodies, torso and head, to generate a digital copy that will later be translated into an Avatar projected as a hologram.

This Avatar, which will take life of its own projected on a 3D Holographic System. This holographic pedestal will show a sequence of ‘Avatars’ coming from the people who have visited the exhibition, whom were also been asked questions about their personality and must be answered in the initial scan of their bodies. This work can also be understood as the digitalization of our society through the protection measures dictated by governments in the Pandemic.