Artistic CV

RODRIGO N. ALBORNOZ b.1977 Argentina


+34 632412087


                STUDIES (Estudios Universitarios)


-Post-Master in 'Decolonising Architecture' 120 ECTS Credits. 

KKH Royal Institute of Art. Stockholm, Sweden.


-Master in Fine Arts -MFA- 120 ECTS Credits

Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design. Stockholm, Sweden.


-Bachelor in Fine Arts -BFA- 240 ECTS Credits

Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Amsterdam The Netherlands.



             MEMBERSHIPS (Membresias)


-ARTTEXTUMT. Weave of cultural agents inspired by Latin America.


-DAAS. Decolonizing Architecture Advanced Studies. KKH Royal Institute of Art. Stockholm Sweden.


-PROYECT ANYWHERE. Art at the outermost limits of location specificity. Centre of Visual Art (University of Melbourne Australia) and Parsons School of Art, Media and Technology (Parsons School of Design, The New School



            ARTISTIC PROJECTS (Proyectos de Arte)


-2024 "Conditioned Pattern Washing" within "Over the Ruins" Multidisciplinary event. January at L'occulta, Barcelona, Spain.


-2023.  Haciendo Conexto VI: “La Rebelión de los objetos” Exhibition from 30/03 to 27/05 at Proyecto AMIL. Lima, Peru.


-2023. “Washing of entrenched subjective patterns”. Participatory Art Instalation and Action. Part of the anual show "Geting Lost" with  The Orchid & the Wasp Exhibition at NDSM Fuse. Curated from Maud Onk. From 18/03 to 23/07. Amsterdam The Netherlands.


-2023. "What are we loading?" Participatory Performance through Pallets estructures. From 19/11 to 10/12 Lalocaal Gallery, Barcelona Spain.


-2022. “Difficult Heritage” Part of the Research Art program of DAAS at Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm Sweden. From 22 to 26 May.


-2022 "The Other Me" Video art Installation. The Orquid and the Wasp" NDSM Amsterdam The Netherlands. March-April 2022.


-2022 "Nucleus for Change" Global Exhibition program. Project Anywhere. Betwen 2022-2023. Supported by Centre of Visual Art (University of Melbourne Australia) and Parsons School of Art, Media and Technology (Parsons School of Design, The New School).


-2021 “Cryptography” Solo Show. Performance, vídeo, 3D Installation, Music, Moving Objects, Paintings at Muto Gallery in Barcelona Spain. Open from 04-09-21 to 25-10-21. 


-2020 "Avatars" award winning work at the BIT International Biennial of Art, Science and Technology; for the 3rd Edition: 'Transmuted Worlds' between the 15th. and 18th. October in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


-2020 "Washing of entrenched subjective patterns". Interactive installation. January at Research Week of KKH Royal Institute of Art & Decolonising Architecture Advanced course.


-2020 "Deambulando" -Wandering around- Public intervention, Mobil Sculptures, Trolleys. March- May. XXI International Bienal of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.


-2019 "Wrapping" Video art. From 31 May. 'Encuentro de arte en acción Zona de Riego' 'Casa Bagre' Lima, Peru.


-2019 "Be Immortal" Installation. From 13 to 15 May. Synthetic Biology Exhibition. Reaktorhallen IGEM Exhibition. KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm City.


-2019 "The Swedish Paradise" Video. From 7th of May. 'Integration Exhibition' Edward Lynx Art Gallery. Stockholm City.


-2019 "Everything keeps tied, and well tied" From 7th of March to 6th April. 'Haciendo contexto III' Exhibition: Hiper-society and the quipus as a metaphor. Proyecto AMIL, Lima Peru.


-2019 "PURIFICATION Lab" . From 24th January to 03 February. Rodrigo N Albornoz Solo Exhibition Konstfack, Gallery Tellusgången 16, Stockholm Sweden.


-2018. "Healing Post-ontological Photography". From 14 to 20 June, OM FOTOGRAFI group exhibition at CFF Center of Photography, Stockholm Sweden. Research on Susan Sontag with Moderna Museet Stockholm.


-2018 "Biological Androids" Phone video action & Publication. KONSTFACK, Stockholm Sweden.


-2018 "Out" Phone video. 10 June at SEXYLAND Amsterdam The Netherlands.


-2018 "Purification" Installation. From 12 to 15 April at PLATFORM KONST GALLERY Stockholm Sweden.


-2017 “Dance in the Volcano” Interactive Installation. WUNDER DER PRÄRIE . From 14 to 24 September in Mannheim, Germany. International Festival for Performance Art and Networking.


-2017 “Selknam 2045”. Video art. 21 April to 29 May at LAURA HABER GALLERY, Buenos Aires Argentina.


-2016 "La Cigarra" -The Cicada-. Video art. 15 to 20 November at KASSELER DOK FEST, Kassel Germany.


-2016 "La Cigarra" -The Cicada- Video art. . 22 and 26 September at the NETHERLANDS FILM FESTIVAL. Cinema Wolf City Center Utrecht The Netherlands.


-2016 "La Cigarra" -The Cicada- Video art. 30 June at EYE FILM INSTITUTE Amsterdam The Netherlands.


-2016 "La Cigarra" -The Cicada- Video art. 6 October to 27 November at VENICE ART HOUSE and PALAZZO CA'ZANARDI Venice Italy.


-2016 "Home" moving object Installation. Opening 10 June to 10 October exhibition at BOOKSTORE project "Lockbox: Coupe Soleil" Amsterdam The Netherlands.


-2016 ”La Cigarra”. June 4-30 LAURA HABER GALLERY, Buenos Aires Argentina.


-2016 Video art Compilation and performance . April , ALFRED JARRY CULTURAL CENTER Rosario



-2016 Pitch of video The Cicada. May 18 "With this art we tell stories" at LAB111 ,with lectures and feedback by Yael Bartana, Constant Dullaart and Albert Elings Amsterdam The Netherlands.


-2016 "The Blow" video . March 16 CHURCH LECTURE CENTER, Kent's University Historic Dockyard Chatham, a maritime museum in Kent (UK).


-2016 "The Blow" -Immigrant by the Sea- video . February 16-29 Research Lab "Bodies" Exhibition at the EYE FILM INSTITUTE, Amsterdam The Netherlands.


-2016 "La Profesora" - The Teacher. Video experimental documentary . January 21 - March 12, 2016. BAC CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER Gallery, Bogota (Colombia).


-2015 "The Blow” Infux & Exodus Video art. November 12-22, 2015 – VENICE ART HOUSE and PALAZZO CA'ZANARDI Venice Italy.


-2015 "The Blow” Infux & Exodus Video art . October 25-28, 2015 - XY ATELIER CONTEMPORARY GALLERY New York, USA.


-2015 "Self-portrait" & "Notion of Nothingness". September 04-13. VENICE ART HOUSE and PALAZZO CA'ZANARDI Venice Italy.


-2014 "L'oeil" double screen video. Double screen video art. EUROPENA ZEN CENTER, Amsterdam NL.


-2014 Audio-visual Assistant for performance , Voice-Creature of transition Studium Generale. Rietveld Uncut. THE BRAKKE GROND Flamish Cultural Center, Amsterdam NE.


-2014 "Permanent Observer".Installation . One month Exhibition at OUDE KERK Amsterdam NE.


-2013 "Self-portrait, Unurture, The Recollector, Mosquitos, Scratched mind" . AIR9 Art in Red-light at BEURS VAN BERLAGE Amsterdam.


-2013 "Self-portrait, The reproduction of the reproduction, un-Nurture". 3 video, installations. LOKKAL W15 GALLERY Amsterdam The Netherlands.


-2013 "Self-Portrait" video. Tsar Peter the Great Exhibition. HERMITAGE MUSEUM Amsterdam.