Solo Exhibition by Rodrigo N. Albornoz

3d holographic, interactice objects, arduino, moving objects, video & performance.

MUTUO Gallery Barcelona


The incresing use of technology during Pandemic crisis have made society find new ways of interaction. The digitization of society through algorithms and codes transform people into digital images that are communicating via Internet and social networks. We are losing the notion of physical reality and becoming more and more digital subjects. Every time it's harder to know what is reality and what is illusion, since we can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.


The cryptography "secret writing" has traditionally been defined as the field of cryptology that deals with encryption or encoding techniques designed to alter the linguistic representations of certain messages in order to make them unintelligible to unauthorized recipients. These techniques are used in art as well as in science and technology. Therefore, the only objective of cryptography was to achieve the confidentiality of the messages, for which encryption systems and codes were designed. The appearance of information technology and the massive use of digital communications have produced a growing number of security problems. 


The first civilizations already developed techniques to send messages during military campaigns, so that if the messenger was intercepted the information, he carried would not run the risk of falling into the hands of the enemy. During the First and Second World War, these encryption systems were used to keep the message secret. Currently the digital art or known as NFT (non-fungible tokens) cryptocurrencies such as BTC (Bitcoin) or the blockchain (smart contracts) use this technology to provide maximum security in digital transactions. But all this involves a large expenditure of electrical energy, and the advantages of this technology are being offset by the high level of pollution or the so-called `carbon footprint´ that they generate on our planet.



exhibition's map