The Re-collector

Performance. Public action. Video 2'35''

Script, object, direction, montage and performance :


Rodrigo N Albornoz



umbrella, plastic tank, tube.


Film Documentation:

Amsterdam The Netherlands.




Tsvetana Tchakarova



10 mm of "free water" were collected from the beginning of De Oude Hoogstraat passing by Dam Square till the end of Kalverstraat, in a total of 1km. The documentation was a video and the stills with maps like Google maps and printed in a flyer. The booklet shows the sequence -after a range of around 50m waking- of how much water is collected with an umbrella upside down to a tank. Documentation video from 09-03-2013 between 13:00hs. to 14:15h Amsterdam NL.



Video documentation Hd 2'35''

Map's documentation of the journey

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