mobile sculptures for public space made out of metal, plastics, weels.

Video art & Documentation


Award XXI International Biennial of ART, 

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Rodrigo N Albornoz & Cristina Flores


Award project 'Deambulando' for the XXI International Biennial of Art in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The topic of the Biennial for 2020 is 'The Public Space'.

'Deambulando' is a serie of mobile structures placed in public space of the old town.

The work has the purpose to activate the public space through mobile sculptures that refer to ambulatory 'carts' which are normally forbidden in public space within the first ring of the city. The 'carts' -made out of metal, plastics, weals, awnings- were located in the main squares of the old town of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and later on, were relocated weekly 'migrating' between the different areas within the center. 

The source of the idea arises in response to the increment of informal labour and the latest confrontations between street sellers and the police.

As a form of social re-activation, this work ask questions such as:

-What does public space means as heritage?

-Who has the right over the public space?

-What are the causes of informal work?

-What does it means informality of labour?