Healing Post-ontological photography

Performance & Instant photography


Artist: Rodrigo N. Albornoz

Performer: Anna Wacker

Gallery: CFF Center of Photography, Stockholm City.

Om Fotografi Exhibition

Research on Susan Sontag with Moderna Museet 



Photography is changing the perception of modern life. It is not possible to imagine the new world without it. Once it changed the position of the viewer and the way to deal with visual experiences, photography becomes more and more addicted of it's magical power.

Eternity of a moment in it's suggestive and manipulative way, seduce us to believe in the evidence of pictures: Is what we see reality?...Mind is easy to corrupt.

Any kind of reality is possible, an explosion of the medium makes everybody a photographer.

Increasing inflation of images leads to neglecting their meaning. Can photography still protect it's real value? Can we heal this new way of perception?