waSHing of EntrEncHed SubJEcTiVE PaTTerns

Interactive installation

Art research


Research Week at KKH Royal Institute of Art Stockholm City

Decolonising Architecture Advanced Course


With the Research group at the Royal Institute of Art -KKH- & Decolonising Architecture advanced course we explore Konsthall C -a contemporary art gallery on the peripheries of Stockholm- as an artwork itself, not only as a physical site for art. Working with an interactive installation inspired by the concept of communality behind laundry rooms. Konsthall C was a communal laundry room before becoming a gallery. Therefore, with a serie of instructions, the installation invite the audience to participate by writing on paper -or pieces of cloth- their thoughts, ideas or concepts that they would like to “wash away”. We will build a mock-up of a washing machine as a container with soap and water where the participants can do the washing of 'entrenched subjective patters of behaviour' themselves. The papers and cloth was put it on display hanging in the room.